Monash University
Whites Football
1964-1965; 1971 onwards
Victorian Amateur Football Association


With the completion of the integration of the Monash Whites into the Monash Blues Football Club and the retirement of the last player identified as a Whites' player, the decision has been made to cease the awarding of new Life Memberships to the Monash Whites Football Club.

It is important to note that, as this honour was not awarded prior to 1987 nor from 1996 until 2008, there remain outstanding Life Memberships still to be bestowed.  These will be presented to the individuals concerned at the earliest opportunity (i.e. their attendance at an appropriate Club function). Please note that currently the Club does not alert nominated Life Members of the pending award.
MWFC Life Membership Committee.  12th April 2016.

The selection criteria for Life Membership of the Monash Whites Football Club (was) as follows:
  • 150 games for Monash Whites Football (automatic)
  • 10 years' service to Monash Whites Football plus significant on-field and/or off-field contribution
  • 100 games for Monash Whites Football plus significant off-field contribution and/or significant on-field achievement
  • Exceptional contribution to Monash Whites Football
MWFC Life Membership Committee.  1st May 2008.