Monash University
Whites Football
1964-1965; 1971 onwards
Victorian Amateur Football Association



After only two years of existence the Monash Whites,
at the end of season 1965, went into a five year hiatus.
The Whites came back to play a further thirty seasons before its merger with the
Monash Blues Football Club saw it eventually, at the end of the 2000 VAFA season,
cease official competition under its original, and rather rare, moniker.

These pages record the achievements of the Monash Whites Football Club
... 1964 to 1965 then 1971 to 2000.


 Our "Images" section now includes 
 most of our teams, including all 
  three Premiership teams -

The '72 Ressies, and the '73
 '74 & '75 Senior sides included. 
with thanks to Ross McKenzie)

MARCH 2004
 We included the 1977 team. 
with thanks to Jamie Wood)

APRIL 2004
 Added the 1980 team. 
with thanks to Cam Crampton)

 We went "Reunion Match" crazy! 
Added the '81, '82, '87 & '90 teams 
with thanks to Brett Kenny),
and the '71, '76 and '78 teams.

MAY 2004
 The 1988 team was included. 
with thanks to Brett Kenny)

 Added the 1994 team. 
with thanks to Henry Beh & Evan Hunter)

 Even more ... the '95 team and the 
 1998 Club 18 (2)
with thanks to Matt Riddle)


... and the new pics keep rolling in!

 We added the '97 pre-finals training shot and a few more to 1998's "Premiership Glory".
with thanks to Anthony Forbes)

 We reckon we've identified the 1979 team and we've added the '97 team photo.
with thanks to the Monash University Archives
and Anthony Forbes

 The 1993 team plus shots from the '87 Awards functions and the 1992 GF.
with thanks to Bruce Ninnis)

 Here's the 1982 ressies.
with thanks to Damien De Pace)

 We include the 1995 reserves.
with thanks to David O'Brien)

JULY 2010
 A photo of LM Keith Frearson.
with thanks to James Gray)

JULY 2011
 Here's the 1994 reserves.
with thanks to Joe Salvatore)

Keep 'em coming ...
or see if you can help with
some of the missing names.

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